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Thinking outside the box

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Here is an example of uninterrupted service protection. The backflows can be maintained and tested without the water going completely off to facilities. 

Backflows have a service life


Choosing what models are reliable  can lower  costs for service and repairs. backflow prevention services

What makes a backflow fail let's talk repairs


Manufactures recommend a rubber replacement every three years.  We can help with the health and life of your backflow preventor. Please go to gallery and click on each photo which will provide more information  to what you are viewing. 

About Us

We manufacture our own weather blankets


Many sizes available made with canvas that will with stand Desert Temps both hot and cold protection. Lined with blue jean insulation.  Canvas has shown  to wear up to 7 years in situations where blanket is not in contact with chemical treatments or water over-spray. We support the blanket to take the hit not your backflow unit. 

Debris can get into your lines


Call on us to help with repairs. We have l experienced technicians that will  work  to restore your backflow preventor to working condition. 

Keeping your water Safe is our Mission Statement


Backflow Prevention is the Safe Drinking Water industry. We have been protecting the water for 29 years and find the work with the backflows prevention directly effects the quality of our  water supply. backflow prevention services